Plumbing Services

Does not include parts & materials

Faucet Replacement

Remove and install a new kitchen faucet and supply lines.

Price: $175

Garbage Disposal

Replace your old garbage disposal with a new one.

Price: $275

Under sink RO System

Install a new under-sink RO system for clean water.

Price: $425

Complete Toilet Rebuild

Replace all internal components with a new rebuild kit.

Price: $225

Toilet Replacement

Replace and install a new toilet, haul away included.

Price: $325

Water Shut Off Valve

Replace old water shut-off valves for easy control and avoid leaks.

Price: $175 each

Sink Pop Up/Drain

Remove and replace the sink pop-up and drain assembly.

Price: $175

Scrape & Recaulk Tub

Scrape failed caulking and recaulk for a fresh clean seal.

Price: $225

Diverter Spout Replace

Remove and replace diverter spout.

Price: $175

Electrical Services

Does not include parts & materials

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Remove and replace Ceiling fan. Up to 9' ceiling height.

Price: $175

Light Fixture Replace

Remove and replace light fixture. Up to 9' ceiling height.

Price: $225

Install Additional Outlet

Wire & install additional receptacle.

Price: $225

GFCI Replacement

Remove and replace GFCI.

Price: $175

Switch/Outlet Replace

Replace a light switch/outlet.

Price: $125

Recessed LED Lighting

Wire/Install LED lighting Per light.

Price: $275

Drywall Repair

Does not include paint

Small Holes

Up to a quarter size.

Price: $150

Medium Holes

Quarter to fist-sezed

Price: $250

12" x 12"

Fist-sized to 1 sq. ft.

Price: $350

Large Repairs

Above 1 sq. ft.

Price: $500

Ceiling Repairs

Specialized ceiling repairs

Price: $650+

Outdoor Drywall

Outdoor drywall ceilings.

Price: $650+

TV Mounting Services

TV mounts sold separately

TV Mounting 32"- 55"

Price: $200

TV Mounting 55"- 65"

Price: $225

TV Mounting 65"- 95"

Price: $275

Cable Conceal Kit

Hide cable and power devices behind Tv.

Price: $225

Soundbar Installation

Mount soundbar to wall centered under Tv.

Price: $125

TV Mount

Average pricing for supplied Tv mount based on size.​

Price: $50- $125

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